Welcome to Dana Peterson Photography. It has been a fantastic year! I have a few more sessions to finish in December and then 2012 will be history. THANK YOU to such wonderful clients! I wish you a Merry Christmas. I look forward to more sessions in 2013. It will be here before we know it! On this site you will find images of many of my photo sessions, a bit from my own life and lots and lots of my own kids.
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Playing catch up. {Treasure Valley Family Photographer}

I am a little embarrassed it has been more than a month since I updated my blog.  I have been so busy shooting.  It reminds me of the story of the two hair dressers.  Which one will get your business....the one with a stylish hair cut and clean salon or the one with the messy haircut and cluttered salon.  Surely you've heard it!! 

Let's get on with it!  I am excited to get this one up on the blog.   This family is obviously beautiful but they are also fun, funny and were so great to work with.  They were patient with me even when I couldn't take them to the perfect location, which I think might have been Europe.  If you are familiar with BYU athletics, these people will look familiar.  It was a pleasure to be with them. 


H Family {Treasure Valley Family Photography}

W Family {Meridian Idaho Family Photography}

these guys were redeeming their gift certificate that they got for Christmas last year.  What a great present!

S Family & Senior 2012

Mountain View High School Senior 2012 {Meridian Idaho Senior Photography}

I'll let the photos speak for themselves!!  You can find more here on FaceBook (don't forget to "like" me if you do and haven't already).  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.270812962939119.66653.142121749141575&saved#!/media/set/?set=a.270812962939119.66653.142121749141575&type=1

C + C Engaged! {Engagement Photography Boise idaho}

These two are so cute and so in love.  It was a pleasure to spend the evening with you.

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S family {Boise idaho Family Photography}

I have got to quit shooting so long at my sessions!  I get there and just can't quit.  Then I get home and get the images to the client and they can't make up their minds.  Simply too many photos to choose from.  This family informed me I gave them 100 images.  Ooops!  I didn't even realize I had edited that many.  I just wanted to give them the great ones!  Here are just a few but there are more on Facebook.  Come on over and check them out!  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.270157996337949.66474.142121749141575