Welcome to Dana Peterson Photography. It has been a fantastic year! I have a few more sessions to finish in December and then 2012 will be history. THANK YOU to such wonderful clients! I wish you a Merry Christmas. I look forward to more sessions in 2013. It will be here before we know it! On this site you will find images of many of my photo sessions, a bit from my own life and lots and lots of my own kids.
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Composition Assignment, Take II

This is my second attempt for my assignment.

Pictures after changing settings

I think I am happy with the results. This is a shot after changing some of my camera settings.

Black Widow - Confirmed!

The kids got really excited and wanted us to come see the "really ginormous" spider that they found. Yep...turns out it is a female black widow playing right along with them. Just in time for Halloween, I guess. Don't worry, it is now our pet. If any of our neighbors start to bug us, we are going let it go on their doorstep. :)

Camera Settings

I have been struggling with camera settings and focus and metering and exposure and should I go on? :)

So, for the record (my record) these are the settings I am sticking with for a while (when shooting people):

auto focus single mode (not continuous)
single AF point (not dynamic)
spot metering usually
ISO as low as I can get away with
manual mode
no flash

These are also some custom settings on my camera that I am going to try:

  • Image Sharpening: Auto (default).
  • Tone Compensation (contrast): Auto (default). The D200 automatically adjusts its contrast and dynamic range to each and every shot.
    Color Mode: III (three).
  • Saturation: +
  • Hue: 0 (Default)

I hope they work out. Maybe this will be my big "Ah-Ha" moment.

Cool Location

Found this neat location (actually months ago) and finally took my kids to try it out. These are not the greatest pictures, but it give you an idea of what the location is like. Kind of fun. Any good tips to getting a 5, almost 3 and almost 2 year old to hold still? Seriously...give me some ideas!!!

Composition Assignment with Kids

"Continue with the story telling environmental images adding in different angles with your kids and their surroundings. Not all shots need to be of their faces, capture the action of their hands or feet to tell the story. "

I need to keep trying. Perhaps I get something good this weekend.

Great find at Goodwill

"R" family

Another fun afternoon of family pictures. The "R" family was very cooperative and patient with me. I hope they got a few shots they can treasure.

Another borrowed idea

I am not all that creative, but I can look at someone's work and say, "I like that." and then borrow the idea. This is an example of that. Which do you like the most?




I never got a shot of the three of them together...just too complicated. But guess what I made yesterday...I'll give you a hint, it is in this picture. :)

Great prop

I just realized I have a great prop right in my house....


I thought I got catchlights in her eyes. Turns out it is actually out of focus. I was trying to shoot with my 50 mm. I am feeling limited with light and my other lens so I am practicing with the 50 mm. Because of the aperature, my focus is often off....

This one looks better (I think):