Welcome to Dana Peterson Photography. It has been a fantastic year! I have a few more sessions to finish in December and then 2012 will be history. THANK YOU to such wonderful clients! I wish you a Merry Christmas. I look forward to more sessions in 2013. It will be here before we know it! On this site you will find images of many of my photo sessions, a bit from my own life and lots and lots of my own kids.
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My little ones *that are getting bigger* {Meridian Idaho Children Family Photography}

I just love these kids.  Even if they don't always want to smile at the same time.  :)

Love this little girl to death!

Water drops

These are far from perfect but I had a little fun today shooting water droplets.  :)

Holiday Aftermath

For Christmas I made my mom and dad a Nativity set out of sculpting clay.  It took way too many hours but the end result is really cute and fun.  There is no way I could have done it without my friend!!  This is my first time working with clay and believe me I was ready to give up the first day we worked on them.  Here are some of the little statues (they are each 1-2 inches tall).

the camel and 3 wisemen

the donkey

the sheep

the shepherd & sheep



Baby Jesus

We still have this Nativity out and last week, my 3 year old was concerned that baby Jesus didn't have any toys.  She decided we needed to make him some balls to play with.  They are about the size of a pin head!!

the Angel.  I think she is my favorite!

Guess who's walking?? {Treasure Valley Toddler Photography}

I have really enjoyed "L" and don't mind at all that she has been slow to walk.  It has made it seem like she is still a baby.  She finally figured it out this week!  She is just so much fun.

We love her to death.  From the flower on her head, all the way down to the pom poms on her shoes, and of course everything in between!!

Sometimes she is a little unsure of that camera that is always chasing her.

Here she is giving me her best smile.  This is her "fake" smile in case you couldn't tell.  :)

So sad she is growing up so quickly.  Even if she is almost 17 months, I was okay with the crawling!  I guess I will need to embrace this next life stage!

Finishing up {Treasure Valley Family Photography}

I am still trying to finish editing a session I did right before Christmas.  I came across this image and just had to share.

One more family shot {Treasure Valley Photorgraphy}

I got her to smile {M.O.M.}

These days all she gives me is a fake smile.  I think I got a real one.  The fun of Christmas break ends tomorrow.  Kind of sad. 

Love this kid!